Hundure’s long range hands-free solution makes the access easy and fast!

Hundure’s long range hands-free solution makes the access easy and fast!!

HSK-240 long range reader is an excellent product offering users fully contactless access control at affordable prices. It is ideally suited for use in parking lots, residential homes, elevator or simply where the convenience of hands-free access control is preferred. It works with Hundure HSK-11M intelligent key to achieve the long range and hands-free for door unlocking. Its long read range is up to 15 metres so that the hands-free keys can be read from within a vehicle or outside of gate and elevator.

Providing RS-485 and Wiegand interface, HSK-240 can work with Hundure door access, elevator floor and parking control panels. This long range reader also works as a close proximity reader so that users with rfid cards can use it. When detecting disconnected from the access control panel, the reader will automatically operates in the standalone mode by matching with the 500 emergency card numbers to release the lock.

HSK-11M remote control smart key is a dual-frequency key with built-in Mifare chip. When the battery of the key is exhausted, the key can be used as a Mifare card. As long as it is close to the card reader and sensed, the access permission can be obtained.

The HSK-11M key provides two operating modes, hands-free mode and manual mode. In hands-free mode: HSK-11M is set to enable active signal transmission. When the key is close to HSK-240, the infrared ray detects the signal, the the door is unlocked and key-holder is allowed to enter. In manual mode: HSK-11M is set to disable active signal transmission, and is in power saving mode. The key-holder can press the signal sending button to send the signal to HSK-240 reader, and unlock the door after access grant. The HSK-11M key also provides emergency rescue function. If key-holder encounter a malicious tailer or an accident in a community, he only presses the emergency rescue button on the key to send the help event to the management center for protection.

HSK-240 long range reader and HSK-11M long range intelligent key are the excellent hands-free authentication solutions for a wide range of access control applications such as elevator floor control, parking lots control, barrier control, emergency rescue…etc.

System Architecture for Parking Lots

Features of HSK-240 Long Range Reader

  • High level of access control security
  • Operates in the 2.4GHz ISM band
  • Working with HSK-11M long-range intelligent key, used in access control, elevator and the entrance / exit of parking lot.
  • Provides RS-485 communication interface to work with multi-door access control panel or elevator floor control panel.
  • Provides Wiegand communication interface to work with parking control panel.
  • Provides 500 card numbers' capacity for emergency usage.
  • Able to set the door ajar alarm.

Features of HKS-11M Long Range Intelligent Key

  • Operates in the 2.4GHz ISM band.
  • Supports long range wireless transmission up to 15 meters.
  • Encrypted wireless transmission to have the high security.
  • Supports 2.4G ISM band and Mifare (13.56 MHz) format.
  • Works with HSK-240 long range reader for remote or automate to unlock door or barry.
  • Configurable automatic mode; Release lock automatically when getting close.
  • Low power consumption.


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